About Us
Providing all youth with  a safe learning environment by creating a drug free/substance abuse prevention network to preserve and maintain the integrity and culture of our schools and community.

About BPAC


The Burrillville Prevention Action Coalition is a volunteer, working task force comprised of individuals who are interested in substance abuse prevention issues in the Burrillville communities. Current Task Force members include school, prevention and treatment professionals, youth, parents, law enforcement, faith community, health care, youth organizations, business owners, media and local government. All members live and work in the Burrillville area.  Meetings take place monthly at the Wallace F. Lees Public Safety Complex.
To create a school and community culture  that recognizes and encourages "respect for individual differences by informing, educating, collaborating, and supporting community and school participation to aggressively meet the challenges and work to prevent drug abuse."

BPAC Objectives

-Define alcohol, tobacco, and other drug issues and their impact on our town.

-Work together to find effective strategies to prevent the use of or abuse of substances in our youth.

-Collaborate with the school district, local government officials, health care providers, and law enforcement organizations to develop and sustain substance abuse prevention activities throughout the year.

-Work with Prevention Practitioners in RI to develop and maintain evidence based programs.

-Establish positive community norms to prevent substance abuse through advocacy, education, parental programs, and youth leadership opportunities.

-Work with our schools, our communities and all students, and in particular, high risk students to provide effective education, support, and alternative programming.

Burrillville High School athletes attending the state-wide training for VAASA Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse.

Burrillville High School Pre-Prom Dinner